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Culinary nutrition is concerned about nutrient quality and quantity in food as well as the taste and aesthetic appeal. As a Culinary Nutritionist and from experience, Liz knows that people eat foods that taste good… and we should! All too often, the foods we chose are overly fatted, salted, sugared and processed. Foods like this are usually lacking in nutrients and dull our taste buds to fresh and healthy foods. Here at the Café, we take extra steps on the menu and in our food preparations to lower fats, make the fats we do serve healthier, present foods naturally to maintain nutrients, give whole grain and high fiber choices as well as load many dishes with fruits and vegetables.

Here are some practices we employ:

  • Cooked and fresh vegetable sides - sautéed spinach, steamed veggies, caramelized carrots, red skinned grilled potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, braised cabbage as well as seasonal veggies.
  • Whole Grains offerings-barley risotto, wild and brown rice, whole wheat wraps, whole grain artisan breads and rolls.
  • Fresh, unsalted butter is blended with canola and extra virgin olive oil to make our house garlic and fruit butters for our rolls and muffins.
  • Fresh fruit as a side dish-fruit salad, grape pecan salad.
  • Salads are made from blends of organic spring mix, green and romaine lettuces as well as fresh spinach.
  • Unique combinations of foods to enhance nutrient availability - Rainbow Spinach Salad for example combines foods high in Vitamin C - red peppers, kiwi and oranges - making the iron in spinach more absorbable by our bodies.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil for salad dressings and food preparations.
  • No hydrogenated fats used which are a source of trans fatty acids.
  • Appropriate Serving Sizes.
  • Vegetarian/Vegan options.
  • Slivers of cake instead of a full slice to satisfy your sweet tooth without over doing it.

A note on nutritional analysis:

Most people do not know how many calories they need to eat each day. It can be quite a job keeping up with calorie contents of foods, especially if you do not prepare the food. Weight loss, weight gain and a stable weight are the result of more, less or just right calorie intake. Other factors beside food enter into this equation-activity, exercise, sleep, stress, illness, metabolism, etc. Most of us can tell when our weight changes and if natural controls are followed our bodies can make the necessary adjustments. When people ask me for weight loss advice, I always try to pinpoint the unnecessary foods such as sugar, and excess fats and counsel to cut back on these rather than count calories. Another easy control is to simply reduce the serving size of the foods you enjoy. Share a meal with someone. Take half of the meal home for later. Skip dessert or just have a cookie instead of a piece of cake or better yet have fruit! These are lifestyle choices that make the difference! I really enjoy foods and would rather be able to eat any food in the appropriate amounts at the appropriate times instead of having to give it up all together.

To Your Good Health…

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